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Demir Demir Law Office was founded in 1987 by Meral Kalav Demir and Hasan Fehmi Demir.  


Since its establishment, it has internalized a holistic understanding of law that goes beyond the distinction between private law and public law; based on this understanding, it carried out successful activities based on trust and consistency.  


Our office provides legal services to its clients nationally and internationally in English, German and French. 

Capital Markets and Banking Law

Demir Demir Law Office operates in various areas, including managing the public offerings of companies, handling mergers, acquisitions, and demergers of publicly traded companies, conducting their restructuring, ensuring compliance with public disclosure, reporting, and other capital market regulations, following the legal procedures related to intended transactions, and providing legal consultancy for investment funds and investment trusts.

Corporate an Commercial Law

Demir Demir Law Office provides legal representation in litigation, arbitration, and mediation processes for companies operating in Turkey. We offer legal consultancy services for all management and compliance processes of companies, from their establishment to liquidation and provide legal support in creating the contractual basis for legal relationships among shareholders and resolving disputes arising from such relationships.


Our office also adivise on services in the field of commercial law, including mergers and acquisitions, restructuring, capital changes, liquidation procedures, and concordat processes.

Intellectual and Industrial Property Law

Demir Demir Law Office provides legal consultancy services in the field of intellectual and industrial property, offering solutions for disputes related to intellectual property, prevention of misuse of trade secrets, and the drafting and negotiation of licensing agreements concerning intellectual rights.


Our services also include trademark and patent registration, transfer and licensing of intellectual property rights, and the protection of elements such as trade names, geographical indications, and industrial designs.

Construction and Real Estate Law

Demir Demir Law Office provides extensive legal services in the field of real estate law  since its establishment. These services include and are not limited to resolving disputes arising in real estate law and taking preventive measures related to disputes, evaluating zoning applications, establishing condominium ownership, creating the contractual groundwork for real estate development projects, and assisting clients in the establishment, management, and public offering processes of real estate investment trusts and real estate investment funds.

Cultural and Natural Property Law

Demir Demir Law Office provides consultancy and litigation services to its clients in resolving disputes arising from transactions and activities related to cultural and natural property,and protected areas, regarding disputes arising from Cultural and Natural Heritage Protection Law.

Protection of Personal Data

Demir Demir Law Office closely follows national and international data protection regulations to provide legal consultancy services in the areas of protecting clients' personal data, ensuring organizations' compliance with data protection laws, developing data protection strategies, and implementing measures to safeguard against data breaches.


Our office accompanies individuals and organizations throughout their legal, administrative, and criminal processes, taking into account the limits set by data protection legislation and respecting the privacy of personal life.

Sports Law

Demir Demir Law Office provides legal consultancy services in terms of the organization of sports clubs within the framework of associations and corporate law, ensuring that their sports and commercial activities are conducted in compliance with local and international regulations. We offer support in managing transfer processes for clubs and various actors operating in the sports field, as well as establishing legal relationships among these actors.

Our firm also advice on legal consultancy in representation before national bodies like the Turkish Football Federation Arbitration Committee and international sports authorities such as the International Federation of Association Football (FIFA) Dispute Resolution Chamber, Court of Arbitration for Sport (CAS) and Basketball Arbitral Tribunal (BAT).

Administrative law

Demir Demir Law Office provides legal support in regulating relationships arising from all kinds of administrative actions and transactions and the resolution of disputes for both individuals and legal entities in the field of administrative law.

Civil Law

Demir Demir Law Office provides legal consultancy services and legal support in the resolution of disputes arising in the areas governed by the Turkish Civil Code and related legislation, which include law of persons, family law, inheritance law, and property law.

IT law

Demir Demir Law Office provides legal assistance in the rapidly evolving field of information technology law, ensuring compliance with both national and international regulations.

Our legal advisory services encompass a wide range of areas, including the management of legal aspects related to the production of cryptocurrencies and digital assets, the construction and administration of blockchain-based platforms, and the handling of new-generation digital asset offerings such as ICOs and IEOs. We also offer services for revising Whitepaper documents for the introduction of assets.


We advise on strategic and legal support to our clients in preventing and resolving disputes arising from infringements in the field of information technology and internet law.

Criminal law

Demir Demir Law Office, with its experience in criminal law since its establishment, provides legal support and consultancy services from the investigation of real and legal persons to the execution of penalties and security measures.

Tax Law

Demir Demir Law Office provides legal support and consultancy services in the assessment of risks arising from tax-related transactions for both individuals and corporations. We also assist in resolving disputes arising from tax law and address issues that may arise due to existing or newly enacted tax regulations. Our firm leverages its extensive experience in private and public law to advise on comprehensive legal assistance in the field of tax law.


Obligations Law

Demir Demir Law Office has extensive experience in preparing the contractual groundwork that forms the basis of its clients' debt relationships with third parties, as well as revising existing contract drafts for legal compliance.


Our office provides support in taking strategic measures to prevent contractual disputes and offers comprehensive services, including the representation and carrying out of existing and potential disputes before courts, alternative dispute resolution bodies, or enforcement offices.

Banking Law

Demir Demir Law Office provides comprehensive services in the fields of banking and finance law. We offer legal support to clients in structuring financial services and transactions, as well as in the creation and negotiation of credit, collateral, mortgage, and pledge agreements.

Our firm develops legal solutions and risk management strategies to ensure that our clients carry out project financing, factoring, financial leasing, and other banking and finance transactions in compliance with the laws and effectively.

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